Biscotti Boyz

Biscotti Boyz


Biscotti Boyz

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Biscotti is what is known as a ‘dankenstein’ strain, which is basically any strain that is a cross of two or more exceptionally dank strains. The end result is usually what some people call ‘next-gen,’ meaning it is part of the ever-growing cannabis revolution.

Dankenstein strains are bred for two reasons: potency and flavor. Many landraces crossed strains have either potency or flavor. Strains like Biscotti, on the other hand, have both. This makes them exceptionally popular, but, unfortunately, they are often very very rare, and, if you do find them, very very expensive. Picture the top shelf, and then picture a shelf above the top shelf. That is what these strains, like Biscotti, are. There is another Biscotti strain, called Tangie Biscotti, or Tangie Leafly. This is most likely a cross of Biscotti and Tangie.

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