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  • 510 Cartridge - Indica Blend
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    510 Cartridge – Indica Blend

    510 Cartridge - Indica Blend

    Aurora Indica Blend 510 Vape Cartridge contains 0.5 g of 100% Aurora-grown cannabis resin with no added fillers, dilutive agents or vitamin E acetate. Starting with dried flower, we use a proprietary, CO2 extraction method that retains terpenes, resulting in a flavourful, full-spectrum resin. Our high-quality resin is encased in a glass and stainless steel cartridge that uses a porous ceramic technology and no solder, providing a safer, portable vape experience. Our vape cartridge is compatible with all 510 thread batteries. Battery sold separately on; bundle options available.
  • Choice carts 
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    Choice carts solvent-free concentrates and vaporizers revolutionizing the way of consuming cannabis. Inspired by contemporary, luxurious, simplistic design. Committed to safety, purity, and potency. Order Choice Carts from Our Online Store.
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